Welcome to Sunflower Montessori Nursery

Nurturing Creativity and Exploration

Our Aims and Aspirations

When dealing with young children it is essential to recognise that the prime motivation for children’s early learning is their own joy in life and the pleasure they gain from the experiences offered to them. Also, that childhood is not merely a means of preparing children for future stages of their lives, but it is a unique and precious time to be experienced and valued for itself.

All too often children are encouraged to “grow up” and pushed to be more like the adults we expect them to become.  But we understand that childhood is a unique and special time in our lives, and we actively seek to encourage children in our care to develop their interests and intrigues.  This is what forms the basis for our nursery ethos, and it’s something we all strongly believe in.

What is a Montesorri Nursery?

Understanding the Montessori Approach

The Montessori method of education aims to encourage young children to carry on their learning process in the same way they have done since birth, not by teaching them in the formerly understood sense of imparting knowledge, but by providing them with apparatus and carefully thought out materials for them to learn at their own pace. Learning is fun if they are encouraged at the right time.

In our nursery school, there are many opportunities for the children to learn at their own pace and level. This encourages self-discipline so they are not doing something because we tell them to, but because they want to and are learning for themselves, each other and their environment, for example washing up their own cups and helping clear up after activities. The Montessori method is informal and encourages the children to develop their own individuality and hopefully relieve any competitive pressure a child may feel in more formal surroundings.